M2 Monsters Imminent Invasion

Everyone around the world is talking about the M2 Monsters and their imminent invasion to the world. Our sources have sent us several snapshots from across the globe and they look like they are going to be huge. The overall mission is still unclear, although they come in peace and wish to help financially distressed areas of the world through the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency, M2 Cash.

Monster Sightings Online Everywhere

M2 Monsters InvasionIf you’ve been looking for the M2 Monsters online you’ll find they have taken over the internet on hundreds of websites posting images, videos, and even songs. You’ll find them on every type of social media platform where ever you go with a list of some of them on Linktree.

Beautiful Video Cinematography

One of the most popular videos online currently has been bringing laughter around the world with the whimsical actors breaking wind.

It’s still unknown an official launch day, but sources familiar with the matter have said they are already here and it’s up to the general public to go find them.