M2 Monster Recent Sightings Around the Globe

m2 monsters coming 2022

Reports of new sightings of M2 Monsters have been increasing each week. Citizens of the world do not know what the intent or purpose of them being here is. Why are they here, and what are their plans? They are typically seen smiling, and wearing brightly colored clothing, and various objects depicting cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

What Do They Eat?

recent M2 Monster sightingHopefully humans are not on the menu, but if you’ve ever seen any movies with monsters, it does seem that we are commonly on the menu.

Rumors of M2 Cash

Some have speculated that the Monsters are full of M2 Cash, making them an “asset backed NFT“, and something with real value. NFT’s that are backed with actual cryptocurrency was an innovation from the SocialBees that came about in 2021. DeFi Professor Vince Wicker is a pioneer in the development of and concept of this type of NFT and may be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize if someone fills out the necessary paperwork and nominates him.

Most Recent Monster Sighting

The most recent sighting came today on from the M2 Cash Twitter account.

The most recent M2 Monster sighting was on Twitter earlier today July 27

Where to Report?

If you see them please post an update so that it can be shared here or on some of the social media sites that are following the Monsters. Please visit www.m2monsters.org to report anything you see.

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